the replacement of granulated copper slag for sand concrete

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Strength and durability of concrete by partial replacement of sand by

Oct 1 2022 11 Maharishi A. Singh S. P. and Kumar L. 2020 Materials Today Proceedings Strength and durability studies on slag cement concrete made with copper slag as fine aggregates Mater. Today Proc. Crossref Google Scholar 12 Manohar C. 2019 Concrete Strength Evaluation by using Copper Slag instead of Aggregates for M30 Grade of Concrete 5

Copper slag as sand replacement for high performance concrete

4. There was a decrease in the surface water absorption as copper slag quantity increased up to 40 replacement. Beyond that level of replacement the absorption rate increases rapidly. 5. It is recommended that 40 wt of copper slag can be used as replacement of sand in order to obtain HPC with good properties.

(PDF) An experimental investigation on copper slag as replacement of

Copper slag and waste foundry sand were used as normal sand in concrete. Using copper slag as sand with coarse ceramic The percentage replacement of sand by granulated copper slag were 0 5

Use of steel slag in concrete mixtures

prepared. One concrete mix composing of 100 gabbro coarse aggregates was designated as the control mix. Four other concrete mixes were prepared and they contained 100 75 50 and 25 partial replacement of gabbro aggregates with slag aggregates by weight. The concrete mix was proportioned to have a 28day compressive strength of 35 MPa.

(Pdf) Experimental Study on Concrete (M30) by Partial Replacement of

This paper deals with the experimental study of concrete by partial replacement of fine aggregate with copper slag to increase the strength parameters such as compressive strength split tensile strength and flexural strengths of the M30 concrete.

effect of granulated slag as sand replacement in concrete

Effect of copper slag as a fine aggregate on the properties A substitution of up to 4050 copper slag as a sand replacement effect of copper slag replacement slag in concrete. The effect of Go to Product Center

Experimental Investigation on Bond Microstructure and Durability of

6 days agoThe current study aimed to investigate the influence of the expired hardened cement blended with ground granulated blast furnace slag on the bond microstructure and durability of highstrength concrete (HSC). Five concrete mixes are prepared the first mix is taken as a control and the remaining four mixes are used as experimental blends. HSC characteristics are evaluated by compressive

effect of granulated slag as sand replacement in concrete

Jan 16 2017 · The percentage replacement of sand by granulated copper slag where 0 5 10 15 20 30 40 and 50 . The compressive strength was observed to increase by about 3540 and split tensile strength by 3035 . The experimental investigation showed that percentage replacement of sand by copper slag shall be up to 40 . 11. Get Price

Replacing River Sand with Granulated Copper Slag in Cement

Granulated Copper Slag as a patial replacement for sand. r Fifteen concrete mixes with different proportions of Granulated Copper Slag ranging from 0 (for the control mix) to 100 were considered. All the mixes were proportioned by the method of absolute volumes considering the specific grav ity of the constituent materials.

Effect Of Granulated Slag As Sand Replacement In Concrete

The Use of Granulated Copper Slag as Cement Replacement in. copper slag in concrete production. Copper slag is one of the byproduct materials from the copper smelting. In Indonesia around 400 000 tons of copper slag are produced per year by Freeport Company and Newmont Company 3 . This number is a motivation for the researchers to study the

effect of granulated slag as sand replacement in concrete

Effect Of Granulated Slag As Sand Replacement In Concrete. The Effect of Blast Furnace Slag on Concrete in Terms This study is a part of an ongoing research studying the effect of blast furnace slag as a binder and filler replacement on the properties of fresh and hardened concrete A mix having the density of 1300kg/m3 with a proportion of (1 cement2 sand) W/C ratio of 045 a

Experimental Investigation on Partial Replacement of Silica Fume and

Copper slag is used as a partial replacement for fine aggregate by 0 10 20 30 40 and 50 . Compressive strength split tensile strength and flexural strength are strength parameters studied in this paper experimentally for various combinations of silica fume and copper slag content in concrete. Keywords Silica Fume Copper Slag

Sustainability Free FullText Feasibility Study on Concrete Made

Concrete mechanical properties could be improved through adding different materials at the mixing stage. Quarry dust (QD) is the waste produced by manufactured sand machines and comprise approximately 3040 of the total quantity of QD generated. When it dries it transforms into a fine dust that poses a tremendous hazard to the environment by contaminating the soil and water and seriously

Copper slag as sand replacement for high performance concrete

DOI / Corpus ID Copper slag as sand replacement for high performance concrete article AlJabri2009CopperSA title= Copper slag as sand replacement for high performance concrete author= Khalifa S. AlJabri and Makoto Hisada and Salem AlOraimi and Abdullah AlSaidy journal= Cement Concrete Composites year= 2009 volume= 31 pages= 483488

Experimental investigations on substitution of natural sand in concrete

Keywords Natural sand Copper Slag Granulated Blast Furnace Slag concrete and 50 in lean concrete to replace conventional fine aggregates. Research work and studies

effect of granulated slag as sand replacement in concrete

· In this paper granulated blast furnace slag is used as substitute for river sand in cement mortar and concrete to overcome the environmental problems created due to over mining. In this investigation in a cement mortar and concrete replacing natural sand by granulated blast furnace slag in a range of 20 40 60 80 and .

The Replacement Of Granulated Copper Slag For Sand Concrete

the potential use of granulated copper slag from Sterile Industries as a replacement for sand in concrete mixes. In this work M40 grade concrete was used and different percentage replacement of sand by granulated copper slag were 0 10 20 30 40 50 and 60 .The results. The Use Of Granulated Copper Slag As Cement

Use of Copper Slag and Fly Ash in High Strength Concrete IJSR

at 20 incremental copper slag by weight replacement of sand from 0 to 100 . The results indicated that the strength of the concrete with less than 40 copper slag replacement was higher than or equal to that of the control specimen and the workability even had a dramatic growth. Mostafa Khanzadi Ali Behnood (2009) presents the

Mechanical Activation of Granulated Copper Slag and Its Influence on

Mechanical activation of granulated copper slag (GCS) is carried out in the present study for the purposes of enhancing pozzolanic activity for the GCS. A vibration mill mills the GCS for 1 2 and 3 h to produce samples with specific surface area of and m2/g respectively. The samples are used to replace 30 cement (PC) to get 3 PCGCS binders.

Copper slag Wikipedia

Copper slag can be used in concrete production as a partial replacement for sand. Copper slag is used as a building material fumed and settled granulated copper slag from the Boliden copper smelter is used as roadconstruction material. The granulated slag (<3 mm size fraction) has both insulating and drainage properties which are usable

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